Mythical tank: Bellerophon RTA from Wismec

Company Wismec has released the device Bellerophon RTA. The served tank was given a diameter of 27 mm, a base for one spiral and a wide drift of Ultem plastic.


On June 12, Wismec introduced the device Bellerophon RTA in the instagram  . The tank was made in a classical style, but not without branded parts. The case was made of stainless steel in black and metallic colors. A hole was placed on top of the 810th dripper of heat-resistant Ultem plastic. The edges of the topkap are sharpened and supplemented with rare notches. A slightly recessed pad with two wide filling holes was hidden under the removable cover. The dome was decorated with the image of the winged horse Pegasus. Bottom provided a ring to regulate the tightening.

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On the edges of the deck are two small slots for cotton wool and a pair of massive, semi-circular racks. The legs of the spiral are installed in horizontal slots and fixed with screws from above. Side winding winding provides two elongated holes along it. The volume of the tank is 4 milliliters.

The package includes two spirals, a spare glass, cotton, repair kit and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Height – 47 mm
  • Diameter – 27 mm
  • Volume – 4 ml
  • Base under one spiral.
  • Bottom blow adjustment

The SMOK Rolo Badge Review, a great badge shaped pod vape from Smoktech

SMOK Rolo Badge pod vape

When SMOK decides to make a pod system, you can be sure it’s going to be amazing. The SMOK Rolo Badge pod vape not only looks amazing but also performs like a champ. It’s made from high quality metal and the finish on it is absolutely beautiful. Intended for satisfying mouth to lung draws this device is great for trying out nic salts.

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Comes with two pods

Nice mouth to lung draw


Mouthpiece takes some time to get used to

Vapor is not that smooth

Fingerprint magnet

What’s in the box

The SMOK Rolo Badge pod vaporizer comes packed in a nice black cardboard box. Inside you will find the battery, two pods, a micro-USB cable, injection bottle and the user manual. This device is available in five different plated colors including Rainbow and Prism Gold. According to SMOK’s website they will also release a rubberized series in the near future as well as new color options.

SMOK Rolo Badge Colors

Design and features

The SMOK Rolo Badge pod system does look a lot like an upside down version of the Suorin Drop starter kit. It measures 73.5mm x 50mm x 12mm and weighs around 70 grams. Feels great in the hand, but due to its glossy finish it can turn into a real fingerprint magnet.

Has a nice diamond shape SMOK logo on the front and an LED notification light towards the base. Micro-USB charge slot is on the side and battery capacity is 250mAh. To be honest we did expect it to be bigger, but you do get decent battery life overall. Output power is between 10W – 16W and pairs perfectly with coil resistance.

The Rolo Badge pod vape has a cut-off period of 8 seconds. Additionally it also comes with short circuit protection and low voltage protection. The LED will start blinking when it’s time to recharge and the whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

The pods

One of the best things about this tiny vaporizer is the fact that it comes with two pods. Each of these has a capacity of 2.0ml and two rubber gaskets you need to take out when refilling. You can use the provided needle top bottle; however we didn’t have any problems filling up the pods even with standard droppers or chubby gorilla recipients.

SMOK Rolo Badge RainbowThe pods are magnetic and they easily snap into place. They are mostly intended for mouth to lung draws but you can ultimately direct lung them too. Vapor production and flavor are pretty good and the pods last for more than 4 – 5 refills.

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Performance and how does it compare to the Suorin Drop

In terms of performance the SMOK Rolo Badge pod vape is a really good alternative. It delivers great vapor and flavor and comes with two pods out of the box. It also has an unbeatable price tag. However we do seem to prefer the Suorin Drop more due to the shape of its mouthpiece, rubberized finish and smoother draw. This doesn’t mean we don’t like the SMOK though; it’s probably just a matter of personal preference.

Product Specifications

Battery life: Average
Brand: SMOK
Built Material: Aluminium
Charge duration: Under 1 hour
Color: Blue, Black, Gold
Device Size: Small/Tiny
Production year: 2018
Weight: Under 100g

Review of OBS Cheetah II RDA

OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDA

We offer every interesting novelty from the company OBS – OBS Cheetah II RDA. The main differences between these two versions are covered only in size, and as structural elements, it is one for two. The device uses the new fastening system helices. The database has only two holes for legs spirals and as many as four screws. Wide Drip type made it from PEI, that user will save from the danger of burn lips. OBS has been on a bit of a roll lately — at least from this reviewer’s perspective. Recently I have had the opportunity to review their OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDA and Circus RDTA and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance of both. I had some gripes, mainly with the CHEETAH II, but some are still using them in their current rotation.

OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDA

The OBS Cheetah II Mini RDA Tank Atomizer 22mm also comes with a PEL drip tip and middle adjustable airflow. Wide bore drip tip is more compatible when using at high wattage, this drip tip made from PEL material, more environmently friendly, easy to clean. This Mini RDA Tank can dripping in two way, take off the top cap to drip or from the drip tip directly, no leaking. Featuring a precise design of air circulation system, which conduce to concentrate the smoke and show the eliquid flavor, changing the airflow hole from top to side, the air hit the wire closer.

OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDAI received a black & gold version for this review. The airflow sleeve and drip tip are yellow, and the top cap and deck are black. The specs on the CHEETAH state that the RDA is made from stainless steel, but I can’t find a bit of exposed stainless steel anywhere, everything is either black or gold-plated. It’s a nice-looking RDA and would be right at home on a black or brass tube mod. At first glance, with its air hole configuration and, especially, it’s rounded cutouts around the top cap, it reminds me of the WOTOFO Serpent BF RDA. But it stops there with that comparison.

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There are two dripping ways of the RDA, you can both drip from the drip tip directly or take off the cap to drip from the drip tip directly and you will not suffer leaking. Besides, I have to talk about the precise design of circulation system. Because of the special design, the airflow hole from the top can be changed so as to concentrate the e-liquid flavor. The drip tip is made from PEI material, which is more environmentally friendly. The parts of the RDA is easy to clean and is durable to use.

OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDA


OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDA is equipped with middle filling method for easy refilling juice and operation. Adjustable airflow control function gives vapers more control over their device. Precise design of air circulation system allows more air enter the chamber and provide more vapor cloud and better flavor taste. Wide bore drip tip can effectively reduce the heat transfered to the mouth and offer easy access to build coils on for better vaping experience. Don’t miss this masterpiece RDA! The OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDA’ design shows the vaping miracle and essence. With its modified wires lock structure, flat coil (freestyle coils) is built easily and no longer twisty.OBS Cheetah II 22mm RDA


Newly designed electrode pin Horizontal clamp posts make coils building extremely convenient and the screwing can avoid worn thread, which is more reliable than regular screw. Adjustable airflow control function gives vapers more control over their device. Precise design of air circulation system allows more air enter the chamber and provide more vapor cloud and better flavor taste. Wide bore drip tip can effectively reduce the heat transfered to the mouth and offer better vaping experience. On the large build deck, vapers can build all kinds of coils on it very easily and every puff on this RDA is a pleasure to enjoy! Don’t miss this masterpiece RDA!

Now It’s Available :OBS Cheetah II Standard/Mini RDA

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