Vladdin Eden Pod Kit Review– A “Biblical” Vape Creation?

The Vladdin Eden Pod Kit is a newly released from the company who brought us the great Vladdin Pod system and the RE (Refillable version).eden poster

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Straight up I have to say it but this really reminds me of the Vaporesso Aurora Play. It really does.eden pod dust cap

But unlike the Aurora, this doesn’t have the full “Zippo” lighter styling as the top dust cap completely comes off rather than just flips open.

Basically, this is a pod mod vape device and the kit comprises of the battery part (mod) and the tank (pod).

vladdin eden pod kit features

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The battery part contains an internal 350mAh battery which will recharge in 45-60 minutes according to Vladdin.eden kit blue

This is a constant output device so should output the same power regardless of the battery charge level. When the battery charge remaining is too low to supply the required power it will just cut out. There is also a dry-burn prevention system mentioned too.vladdin eden in hand

The pod is where you add 1.5ml of your own e-liquid via the top fill and it is supposed to be childproof and leakproof but the website details are vague as to how this is achieved.eden pod

Also inside the pod is the heating element or “coil” and this has a ceramic technology and has a 1.2-1.5ohm resistance. Not sure why this is so vague either!eden promo shots

I have not seen the pods listed on any vendor sites yet as I was looking for some more detail about them as the Vladdin website isn’t telling me much!

There are 4 colors to choose from Blue, Black, Red, and White.eden kit cap on colours

Plus you can also mix and match the dust caps.

eden colours

Kit Includes

  • Vladdin Eden Device
  • Replacement pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Vladdin Eden Pod Kit Specs

  • Size: 39x77x15.5mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 1.5ml – refillable
  • Battery: 350mAh (internal)
  • Coil resistance: Ceramic 1.2-1.5ohm
  • Charging time: 45-60min
  • Dust cap
  • Top-fill
  • Dry burn prevention

eden specs

This could be a handy little kit and if it vapes as nice as the Vladdin Pod Kit this could be a winner!

Is the Vladdin Eden Pod Kit the “biblical” vape temptation which will open up your wallet? Let me know in the comments below!

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Now It’s Available: Vladdin Eden Pod Kit

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Ehpro Cold Steel 100 Review | AmbitionZ Vaper Collaboration

Ehpro has been making some nice things over the last few years, I use one of their Mod 101’s as a daily driver and their True MTL RTA was one of the most impressive mainstream mouths to lung RTA’s I’ve used.

Now they’re back with the Ehpro Cold Steel 100 co-designed by AmbitionZ Vaper a US YouTube reviewer.Ehpro Cold Steel 100 vape mod review

What Can We Expect From the Cold Steel 100 by Ehpro

The Cold Steel 100 is a regulated single battery mod that takes 21700, 20700 and 18650.

Somewhat confusingly this is actually a 120W device, despite being called the Cold Steel 100.ehpro cold steel 100 in hand

I suspect that the name was already decided on when they asked for AmbitionZ input, as he has said that one of the things he wanted to change, was for it to go to 120W rather than the 100W they had planned.

So a hefty little single battery mod, capable of 120W (with the right battery). So let’s take a look at what we get!

This item was sent over free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always, this in no way changes my opinion, and I shall report back honestly with what I find.

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In the box

  • Cold Steel 100 mod
  • 18650 Adapter (inside the mod)
  • Belt loop holster
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Battery Safety Sheet
  • Warranty Card
  • QC Card

What's in the box


  • 27.5mm x 39 x 91.5mm
  • 177g (mod only)
  • Resistance Range 0.05Ω – 3.0Ω
  • Wattage 5-120W
  • Micro USB Charging/Firmware Upgrade
  • Power / Temp / Curves / Volt / Bypass
  • 21700, 20700, 18650


  • Short Circuit
  • Reverse Battery
  • Over Heat
  • 10s Cut-Off
  • Over Current
  • Low Voltage
  • Weak Battery
  • Battery Overcharge

Design and Build Quality

The moment you pick the Cold Steel 100 up you immediately notice the weight of it, this is not a plastic fantastic!ehpro cold steel 100 in handThe whole thing is made of metal (brass, zinc alloy, and stainless steel) and it has a reassuring heft to it, especially once you fit a 21700 and a tank.

It comes in three color ways, Grey Champagne (which I have), Black Obsidian, or Old Gold. The Grey Champagne has a lovely vertically brushed finish that feels really silky and doesn’t pick up fingerprints.Colour options for the Cold Steel 100 mod

However, since it’s a slightly warm color, it’s not going to be a perfect match with most attaches, though it’s close enough with brushed steel.

Branding is minimal with AmbitionZ Vaper printed just above the fire button.ehpro cold steel 100 ambitionz vaper brandingWith Cold Steel embossed around the base of the mod.cold steel engraving on ehpro modThe only other printing is on the 510 plate where it says Manufactured by Ehpro and your serial number.

The design is going to put some people in mind of the SL Class from SXmini. But I don’t feel they lose any points for this.

When you’re designing a single battery mod you have to find somewhere to put the board and the switches.battery compartment on cold steel 100 by ehproIt either becomes a small box mod or if you want to keep the tube style, you make it taller (my Ehpro Mod 101 Pro is another 26mm in height) or stick it on the side in its own section.

There are also some thoughtful touches, the tube section has a slight hourglass shape to it, so it fits really comfortably in the hand. Also, all the corners on the control section are nicely rounded, so it’s really comfortable to hold despite its weight.

The width (not including the bulge) reaches 27.5mm, but the way the top is slanted in towards the spring-mounted 510, means that this will handle up to 25mm without any overhang.510 threading


The OLED screen is a little on the small side at 4mm x 18mm, but because of that and the fact it’s recessed into the metal, you would have to be really unlucky to ever break it. It’s also a really nice and bright, I never had any trouble reading it in bright sunlight. This is certainly an area they’ve improved since some of their earlier mods!

When you switch it on, the word Cold Steel scrolls across the display, fine with that. However when you switch it off, rather than just turning off, or even saying “Goodbye”, it actually reads “Bye-Bye”, which I couldn’t stop hearing in a childish sing-song voice!oled screen ehpro cold steel 100A little thing but here’s hoping Ehpro will allow us to change that with a firmware upgrade in the future!


You have a nicely textured fire button and you’re +/- on what looks like a rocker switch.

  • 5 Clicks = On/Off
  • 3 Clicks = Menu, +/- to scroll and Fire to select
  • Fire and + = Lock your value (wattage, voltage or temp)
  • Fire and – = Flip-screen orientation
  • Fire, + and – = “Stealth Mode” Screen off, and values locked

Below this, you have a little hole with an LED (it flashes green when you screw in a battery) and your micro USB port for charging and firmware upgrades. As usual, though, I would never recommend charging a battery in a device, much safer to just use an external charger.

The battery cap has absolutely silky smooth threading, with the + and – showing your battery orientation clearly printed inside. When you first get the mod, your 18650 adapter will also be in here, and I’m pleased to say there’s no battery rattled even with the smaller battery.

Belt Loop Holster

When you first open the box, the mod is inside this nice durable little belt pouch, with simple Ehpro branding in white.Carry case

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However although I quite like its inclusion, I can’t see myself ever using it as it doesn’t offer any way of you closing it when you have an atty attached. The top folds down and is held closed by Velcro, but there’s not enough height in it to have anything attached and closed.carry case for the ehpro cold steel 100

I did managed to get it to close *just* with one of my tiniest little RDA’s, but I wish there were a way to make it useful when you’ve got a tank attached.


There’s a good range of modes here, with pretty much everything you would normally want.

It isn’t obvious when you first use it, but there’s actually a lower level menu hidden behind some of the options. The menu system is really well designed, sensibly stacking menu options to make the most of the small screen.


Once you select Power you then get the option to choose either Normal, Soft or Strong, with slightly different ramp up times for each to suit your style.

The wattage will adjust in 0.1W increments up to 30W (0.5W for 30-120W) for a single click and full 1W adjustments if you press and hold. It will also scroll REALLY fast if you keep it held down. Stopping at the top or bottom, and then round robin.

I think this is one of the best adjustments I’ve come across, and allows you to easily switch your power, whilst giving you plenty of fine control.

One thing to note is that there’s no way you’re going to get 120W out of an 18650, though it will still let you scroll up that high. Ehpro actually say on their website that 80-120W is only going to be reachable with a battery capable of 40A.


In Temperature Control Mode, you first have to select your wire type:

  • Nickel
  • Titanium
  • Stainless
  • TCR for entering your own value

Then immediately set what wattage you want it to up to, if you’re setting you’re own TCR you do this after this step.

I really like the fact that this is incorporated into setting temp control, as sometimes you need to dig into other menus. Also it allows you to use the full 120W of the mod in TC, so many mods limit you when you switch to temp control and don’t allow you to go to the maximum.

Once done you can go scroll from 200-600°F, then it stops, and it will round robin into Celsius from 100-315°C.

It also locks the resistance when you select Temp Control, which is a useful touch. I’ve vaped on TC on mods that don’t (or require another menu step), and if you switch it back on again after having been vaping for a while, your resistance reading is way off due to the way the resistance changes with heat.

Just remember to always set up Temp Control whilst your coil is at room temperature.


Curve allows you to change how it will fire over the first two seconds of vaping in 0.1s increments and allowing the power to be multiplied by between 0.5x and 2x.

This is probably a bit granular for most people, and other than having a quick play with it, it’s not a mode I came back to. It’s nice that it’s there, but I suspect most people will be happy with the Soft/Normal/Strong options in power mode.

One word of warning though, to exit out of Curve you have to long press the fire button, so if it’s set to be using 2x the power (and you were already on a high wattage for your coil) you do risk blasting it a bit!

You can read more about power curves with our guide here.

Voltage and Bypass

These both do what you would expect, and to be honest I don’t know many people that still use Voltage compared to Wattage, but it’s there if you like it. Bypass gives you the feel of a mechanical mod with all of the protections of a regulated.

How Does the Ehpro Cold Steel 100 perform?

Battery Life

Aside from a couple of quick tests, I’ve been using a 21700 in this. It’s been my main device for a little while and I have been really happy with it, everything I throw at it it handles with aplomb.battery options for cold steel 100 mod

For the first few days I was testing it at lower wattage’s (15-25W) for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping and the battery seems to last forever, happily giving me 2-3 days of heavy vaping.

One thing I did notice though is that it does seem to drain them VERY dry, so I’d recommend taking your batteries out before the mod won’t fire anymore.

Stepping up to a dual coil Direct to Lung (DTL) tank, vaping at 70-100W the battery life obviously took a big hit, but it would still last me half a day quite easily. Their power management has definitely been improved here.

One nice thing about replacing your atomiser with a new one, is that (provided it’s turned on when you do it) it will ask you if it’s a new coil or the same, which you select with +/-. If you select New, it will take a guess (based on resistance) of what wattage you’re likely to be wanting.

If you select Same, it will keep your wattage unchanged. A small thing, but appreciated!

Temp Control

I set up one of my drippers with some TC wire, I don’t vape in TC often, but it seemed to do a pretty good job of throttling down the power and giving a consistent vape.

It also never got to the point where it gave me a dry hit.

One thing to remember when you’re using Temp Control, is that you’ll want to set a slightly higher wattage than what you would normally vape at, as you’re only setting the maximum it will use, and it will quickly drop down as the coil heats up.

Combined with the thoughtful menu functionality for TC, I was really impressed with how this performed and would recommend it for someone that’s curious about trying TC but has been put off by confusing implementation.


One thing that’s worth pointing out is that it is extremely quick to fire in Bypass. It does feel like using a mechanical mod, giving you that instant hit the moment you press the button, and the power dropping off as your battery drains.

If you’re interested in getting into mechs, then something like this in bypass mode will give you some practice and a feel for it, without risking life and limb.


  • Solid build quality and great finish
  • 120W in a single battery mod
  • Really thoughtfully designed menu
  • Temp Control that doesn’t feel like an afterthought
  • Fast firing in bypass mode


  • Maybe a bit *too* fast when scrolling wattage
  • Says “Bye-Bye” like it’s presenting kids TV
  • Could do with a “Set” function when setting your curve, rather than long pressing fire
  • Slightly pointless (although nice) belt pouch
  • Champagne Grey doesn’t match much

Final Review Verdict

As you can probably tell I have been really impressed with the Ehpro Cold Steel 100 mod. The quality of the build, and the nicely designed menu system, make this easily one of my favourite single battery mods.

It’s got a reassuring weight to it, and feels like if you were unlucky enough to drop it, the floor would come off worse.

Although it’s definitely reminiscent of another mod out there, it’s more than done enough to stand on it’s own.

Although my Cons list is as large as my Pros, they are all just tiny niggles, and they don’t take much away from what is a great piece of kit.

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Now It’s Available: Ehpro Cold Steel 100 Mod

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SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit Review

After POD systems appeared on the vape market, many vapers revised their attitude to vaping and began to switch to them en masse, leaving box mods, a tank and drip dusting at home on a shelf. Such a desire is quite natural since it is far from always convenient to carry a “two-jar” mod with a large atomizer, and even with a bottle of liquid in addition. And given the fact that many vapers are former smokers who in any case need nicotine, the POD system has become real salvation – just pour a large strength salt nicotine into it, take a couple of puffs and saturate the body with nicotine. But the fact that vapers cannot fully regulate the operating modes of POD systems is a minus. And Smok decided to fix this minus by introducing a symbiosis of the box mod and POD systems – RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit. This device is really a cross between an AIO system and a small box mod. It’s hard to say whether vapers will appreciate such a novelty, but the fact that the device turned out to be interesting and original is a fact.

General information

SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit is a small box mod equipped with a fairly powerful built-in battery and a powerful chipset that uses the traditional POD liquid evaporation system. This is not to say that the new device has a very miniature size, but it is equipped with a battery of sufficiently large capacity, which will allow the vaper to get significant autonomy. The original form factor is a square device in cross-section, but its ergonomics are at the highest level. The presence of an integrated LQ-R chipset and a small color display will allow the vaper to choose the optimal power of the device on their own. The large-capacity cartridge is designed to work with the evaporators of the Nord and RPM series, allowing you to easily choose a combination of taste and bulk without any problems. You can buy SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit in eight colors – black, gray, purple,


Given that the SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit is not just a POD system, but a more functional and productive device, the developers of the company decided to equip it accordingly. In a branded box the vaper waits for:

  • Boxing mod RPM40 Device;
  • 4.3 ml RPM Standard Pod cartridge with pre-installed RPM Mesh4ohm Coil vaporizer;
  • 4.5 ml Nord Pod RPM cartridge with pre-installed Nord DC6ohm Coil vaporizer;
  • The USB cable for charging;
  • User’s manual.

RPM40 Device Box Mod

The fact that sooner or later one of the manufacturers will present a POD-system in which there will be the functionality of an ordinary box mod was quite expected. And the fact that Smok was the first to do this, too, because it is not in vain that they have long held leading positions in the market. The RPM40 Device box mod looks like a regular low-power box mod designed for use with cigarette puff atomizers, but, of course, it is not equipped with a traditional 510-m connector.

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The small size of the mod and a rather original form factor (in cross-section the device is made in the form of a square) make it convenient to use. And the use of “a la carbon” inserts in the design will not allow the device to slip out, even if you take it with wet hands.

Power RPM40 Device varies between 1-40 watts and is provided by a built-in battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. Charging the battery is implemented traditionally – using a micro-USB connector located at the end of the device. The charging current is 0.88A, so you can charge the battery in two hours.

Special attention in the RPM40 Device deserves the presence of the LQ-R chipset with an activation time of 0.001 seconds, which is an excellent indicator for such a device. Naturally, the device has only one operating mode – the varivatt, but at the same time, the vaper can independently choose the optimal power for it.

An additional plus can be considered a small color display on which you can find all the information necessary for the vaper – operating power, evaporator resistance, voltage, number of puffs, battery charge level.

Cartridges, evaporators, and features of use

At SMOK, it was clearly decided to make the new device as versatile as possible, which is why it was originally equipped with two cartridges operating on different evaporators. If you believe the manufacturer, in the near future there will also be a serviced base for the SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit.

Depending on the preferences of the vaper, you can use RPM Standard Pod and RPM Nord Pod cartridges, the main difference of which is not even in different volumes (4.3 and 4.5 ml), but in the type of evaporators used. The viper can use RPM or Nord series evaporators, among which you can choose options of different resistance and based on various heating elements.

Regardless of the type of cartridge selected, refilling is the same – a small silicone plug opens on the side surface, after which you can safely fill in 4.3 or 4.5 ml of liquid.

It is worth noting that airflow control is not provided, but at the same time air flows to the evaporators from below, so the vaper will get a good taste transfer.

Conclusions and impressions

One of the vapers, having seen the SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit, will say that this is complete nonsense and the device is somehow strange – “nomad” and “pereopod”, but at the same time many vapers will appreciate the device’s functionality. The choice of evaporators, power, and ease of use will bribe many.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lack of airflow adjustment;
  • Weak charging current.


  • Original design;
  • Substantial autonomy;
  • Company board;
  • Power adjustment;
  • Color display;
  • Ease of use and configuration;
  • Two types of cartridges for various evaporators;
  • Large selection of evaporators;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Good taste.

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Rincoe Tix Pod System| Bold patterns & Portable Size


The Rincoe Tix Kit perfectly demonstrates that performance and fashion can go hand in hand.

Tix features a breakthrough design with bold patter makes it outstanding in the market, coming with lanyard and portable size that completely enable to carry it wherever you go.

Housing a massive 1000mAh battery with a type-c charge that enables you to enjoy vaping the whole day. Besides, implementing three modes to meet different vaping demands, which is corresponding to 3.3V, 3.65V, and full-battery output. Press the mode button and switch to any power output mode you like.

Moreover, utilizing the adjustable airflow system to satisfy both MTL and DTL vapers, you just twist the airflow ring to adjust airflow and enjoy the excellent vaping journey!

In addition, there are available in two coil types for your options, with 0.8Ω mesh coil and 1.0Ω regular coil. Finally, Tix was applied to multiple protections to ensure devices stable and avoid any potential risks. Just enjoy the amazing vaping journey brought by Rincoe Tix Kit!

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Portable size with lanyard & Fashionable appearance

Housing a massive 1000mAh battery with type-c charge

Three modes to meet different vaping demands

Adjustable airflow satisfies both MTL and DTL vapers

Available in two coil types for your options

Multiple protections applied to ensure devices stable

Features of Rincoe Tix Pod KitFeatures of Rincoe Tix Pod KitFeatures of Rincoe Tix Pod Kit

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Features of Rincoe Tix Pod KitFeatures of Rincoe Tix Pod KitFeatures of Rincoe Tix Pod KitFeatures of Rincoe Tix Pod KitFeatures of Rincoe Tix Pod KitParameters of Rincoe Tix Pod KitPackage Included of Rincoe Tix Pod Kit

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Now It’s Available: Rincoe Tix Pod Kit

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Voopoo Drag Nano Kit

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Disposable Pod System Kit

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Foxy Druga Review- a successful box mod from Augvape

Augvape released the first very successful box mod – Foxy Druga. Hype on the Augvape V200 quickly passed, but the device was bought by the owners of the car Honda because of the similarity of the mod with the engine cover of this car.


The hero of the review for 2 18650 batteries is an electronic mode that has only 2 operating modes: varivolt and varivatt, it has a stylish design and a quick release system for the atomizer – Quick Release.


The box where the black box mod is located is reasonably presentable. Through a transparent film, you can see the device itself. Under the box is a mod, and under it there is an English manual with pictures.


Information for information

Augvape Foxy Druga is made of zinc alloy and plastic and is available in two colors: black and ganmetal, but with the possibility of replacing linings of other colors that the manufacturer produces. The mod has a central connector location, landing diameter up to 26 mm, runs on two 18650 batteries, has two modes of operation: varivolt and varivatt, the innovation is the quick installation of a tank or drip using the patented Quick Release system, supports from 0.05 Ohms (but not all device. Chinese lottery, how lucky).



Height: 93 mm
Width: 48 mm
Thickness: 27 mm
Weight with batteries:


Technical specifications:

Operating modes: variant/ varivolt Power
limits: from 0 to 150 W,
Maximum current output value: 45 A
Operating resistance: from 0.05 to 3 Ohms,
Output voltage: from 0.5 to 6.5 V.


On top is a metal connector that protrudes slightly above the body and will not allow it to scratch when screwing up the tanks.


The Quick Release system allows you to quickly wind up and remove atomizers. This is done using the side button (not to be confused with fire). When you press it, the flaps of the threaded connection on the 510 connector are opened and you simply insert the tank or drip, release the button, then twist in half-turn and you’re done.

Such a system in itself is new and convenient, but it’s impossible to say that the steam workers needed it.

Without rims, atomizers up to 26 mm sit perfectly. A Manta Tank is wound on the device .


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Opposite the button, which allows you to quickly plant a tank, is located fire. She sticks out a little over the body. Her move is soft, while pressing is soft, and she is quickly located with a finger.


The front control panel hides the false panel. In the central part there is a small window. This is a display measuring 9.2 mm by 5.2 mm.


The screen is monochrome with minimally displayed information. This socket is removable, there is a special protrusion at the bottom for convenient finger grip.

Having exposed the panel, we got to the controls – the minus and plus buttons are marked. These buttons hold the panel itself. In total, it has 3 magnets.


Near the screen displays information about power and voltage (left). On the right side of the inscription are Resistance and Battery. The lid sits perfectly on three magnets, there is no backlash.

On the back is a cover that hides the battery compartment. The lid is held on four flat magnets, two of which are on the lid itself, and two on the mod body.


The upper contact group is spring-loaded. There is a long ribbon for quick extraction.

Also at the bottom of the holder there are two screws for a Phillips screwdriver, which you will need if you suddenly decide to disassemble the case.

Bottom there are 5 round holes for ventilation of the board, but not for excess gas, which is rather strange.

At the bottom there is also the name of the box mod – Augvape Foxy.


Boxing mode management

The device turns on and off after 5 times there is a click on fire.

If you look closely, the information on switching modes is on top – Press + and – at once. If you press the minus and plus and hold the two buttons, the modes will change from varivolt to varivatt.

The display shows information on voltage, resistance and battery level.

By clicking on the minus and plus, we reduce or increase the voltage.

Everything is quite simple in this device, even a beginner can handle it.

Among those mods that were available in the editorial office of the magazine, Mod Druha was the highest.

If you look from left to right, the photo below shows such devices as Geekvape Nova , Drag 2,  Vaporesso Revenger , Druga Foxy and Wismec Luxotic MF .


General impression

Ease of management can be a big hit for beginners, those who decide to try steam. The device is really easy to manage. Another thing is the correctness of the board caused a number of questions. Box mod does not raise the declared 0.05 Ohm. What atomizers or drips I did not twist, the heating of the spiral starts from 0.09 Ohms.

The second moment during the emergency, the board seems to heat up and the cutoff is triggered. This can happen after 10 puffs and then the mod stupidly refuses to work. This happens even with MTL tanks.

I still did not like the uneven discharge of the batteries, one discharges to 3.1 V, and the second to 3.4 V. This means that the balancer is incorrect.

There is no USB port so that you can change the firmware and fix bugs in the board.

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Gomax by Innokin Preview

Long-time no see boys and girls! Here will come the newest Disposable T newly introduced by Innokin! It’s cost-effective, light-weight and mobile and fashionable! Arrived at learn it now!

The Innokin GoMax Tank is coming! The Innokin GoMax Multi-Use Non- reusable T provides big, incredible flavors with an excellent value.

Implementing upgraded mesh plex3D-matrix coils (60-80W) to temperature fast and maximize the coil area for more tastes.

In addition to,  you can fill up the GoMax clean and fast with easy slip leading fill up with a silicon seal.

Additionally, it really is a 510 Thread tank made with high-quality PCTG Plastic-type.

There are available in four shades: Light blue, Black and Eco-friendly Pink. Come to have it now! Big Tastes, Huge mL Ability, Fantastic Price!

Colors Available:

Colors Available of Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank

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Made of higher  quality PCTG components

The capability is up to 5.5ml to fulfill the daily use

Appling upgraded Mesh Plex3D Matrix coils

Effortless slide top-with a silicone close off

Obtainable in four modern shades

Features of Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank Features of Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank Features of Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank Features of Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank


  • Dimensions: Φ29*45.5
  • Capacity: 5.5ml
  • Filling Type: Top Fill
  • Coil material: Kanthal
  • Resistance: 0.19ohm
  • Wattage Range: 60-80W
  • Wick material: Woodpulp/ Cotton
  • Airflow: Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Colors: Black, Green, Blue, PinkParameters of Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank

Package Included:

  • 1 x Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank

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Now It’s Available: Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank

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