Freemax GEMM 80W Kit Review

The Freemax GEMM kit includes an internal battery tube mod with three wattage settings and two disposable sub ohm tanks with tea fiber wicks. Freemax has delved into the realm of this style of mods in the past with the Freemax Twister kit, which was a great product with some shortcomings, mainly in the battery department; 2300 mAh won’t get you far on a sub ohm tank these days. As for the GEMM tanks, that’s Freemax’s first attempt at a disposable sub ohm tank.

This kit ups the ante with a 2900 mAh battery, but takes away some of the features that made the Twister special, such as true variable wattage and a great sub ohm tank that won’t go to the bin once its coil is dead. Is a simple tube mod paired with a disposable sub ohm tank worth your money? Keep reading to find out.

Build quality and design

Freemax Gemm

I received the black, blue and white GEMM kits each with two matching tanks, and an extra box containing two disposable tanks.

At 25 mm x 85 mm, the GEMM mod is shorter and slightly thicker than the Twister mod and I was happy to see that Freemax is using simpler designs this time—although they did release single-color editions for the Twister eventually. Most of the mod is single-colored, with stainless steel accents on the top, bottom, button and branding. The body is made out of metal and feels really well made and sturdy. Unfortunately, the paint on my black one chipped pretty easily after a short fall from the desk. All the devices are painted (no stainless steel version available) so there’s no way around it; you have to be careful not to drop it, or else it may chip. Other than that, there’s no button rattle or loose parts, and no other complaints in the build quality department.

The disposable tanks are surprisingly well-made in my opinion. They come with a smooth airflow adjustment ring, and a silicon gasket for filling. Everything other than the coil seems to be made out of plastic. The large coils give them some weight too. In fact, if I could replace the coil, I am pretty sure I could squeeze a couple of extra months out of them—they just don’t seem like they’d fall apart very easily. As far as disposables go, these are some really high-quality ones.

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The GEMM mod

Freemax Gemm

The GEMM mod is pretty straightforward to operate.

  • 5 clicks turn the mod on and off
  • 3 clicks change the power setting (red for soft, yellow for medium and green for strong)

The LED light will let you know of the power setting every time you switch and will also function as battery indication while you vape (check the battery section for more details). The battery provides direct output, which means that performance will drop along with the battery levels, and I noticed that the top of the mod may get a bit warm when chain vaping on it. But it is a very rapid-firing mod, especially when used with the GEMM tanks. All of these were more or less what I expected, but there is a standing out issue with the GEMM mod and I feel I need to elaborate a bit on it.

This is not a variable voltage mod, which is what it seems like at first glance. Checking the manual, you will notice a table that lists the way the power levels change depending on the tank used.

Freemax power chart

According to the specs listed by Freemax, the low, mid and high settings are supposed to fire at different wattages for coils that have the same resistance, and at the same wattages for coils that have different resistances—which is a bit puzzling. What makes it even more puzzling, is that the G3 tank is supposed to fire at 90 watts at the high setting, which is higher than the wattage rating of the mod!

In any case, the chip seems to be fine-tuned for the GEMM tanks and tanks that use the Fireluke coils with the same specs. I had no issues using the mod with the GEMM tanks or the Fireluke 2, but I got variable results when I paired it with other tanks. Using it with the 0.8-ohm coil of the Innokin Zlide was fine at the low and mid settings, but I got a very underwhelming vape when using it with the iSub-B tank 0.35-ohm coil. I am sure there is a method to this madness (possibly three different settings that get activated depending on the resistance) but Freemax doesn’t explain it at all. And for this reason, I am hard-pressed to recommend this mod for using it for anything else other than a tank that uses the coils of the Fireluke line.

The GEMM tanks

Freemax Gemm Tanks

I tested three tanks from the GEMM collection, all using Freemax’s 90% tea fiber and 10% organic cotton wicks. The coil specs are exactly the same to the X and tea fiber TX coils that are compatible with the Fireluke line of tanks.

  • The 0.15-ohm G1 single-mesh tank, rated for 40-80 watts (included)
  • The 0.2-ohm G2 dual-mesh tank, rated for 40-80 watts (included)
  • The 0.15-ohm G4 quad-mesh tank, rated for 40-80 watts (not included)

All tanks are 25 mm in diameter and around 51 mm tall. And while they all look exactly the same on the outside, the different size of the coils means that there is some variation on the capacity of the tanks. The G1 tank holds 5 mL of e-liquid, while the G2 and G3 tanks fit up to 4 mL.

According to Freemax, the power levels for these three tanks are the same; 40 watts at the low setting, 60 watts at mid and 80 watts at high. The low setting was underpowered in my opinion, and the high setting is producing warm vapor, good enough to switch off once in a while. I found that I preferred the mid setting and I usually fire them between 60 and 70 watts when using them with other mods. The coils seemed to keep up with chain vaping and having refilled each of them at least five times, I haven’t noticed any drop in performance. The only drawback I noticed was a bit of gurgling/spitback at the first couple of vapes in the morning, which is to be expected.

The tanks have ample airflow and outside of a bit of turbulence from the single-mesh coil, they are pretty smooth across the board. I ended up vaping them with ¾ of the airflow open most of the time, which was more than enough for me. With most disposable tanks not even having airflow adjustability, the fact that you can adjust the airflow on the GEMM tanks is a pro on its own.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the GEMM tanks. They perform at a very high level and they are not much different in performance to the Fireluke 2 tank that came with the Twister kit. The tea fiber wicks produce clean and crisp flavor and while I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary (Freemax claims that tea fiber boosts the flavor and adds some “spice” to it), they seem to perform better than standard cotton wicks.

Disposables and waste

Freemax Gemm Tanks

There seems to be some kind of a debate in the vape world about disposable tanks. And understandably so, because disposables do create more waste than coils and the only real benefit they provide is the lower price tag—which makes them great for experimenting on different styles of vaping, or throwing them in your bag when travelling. But there are two points I’d like to address, one for disposables in general and one specifically for the Freemax GEMM tanks.

Disposables generally create avoidable waste, but the same can be said for your average pod system. I am pretty sure I’ve used pods that weigh very close to the ~20 grams of the GEMM tanks. In fact, disposable sub ohm tanks create much less waste than pre-filled vapes, where you have to dispose an average of one pod per day. That’s not to say that it’s alright, but I think it helps to put the waste subject into perspective.

Now for the GEMM tanks. The tanks are made out of PCTG material which is recyclable, and it’s the same material that many other disposable tanks are made out of. And while throwing it in the recycling bin with the coil attached does not sound like a good idea, and Freemax claims that the coils are non-detachable, there is a way to work around that. Just grab a set of pliers and pull the top and the bottom of the tank. With a little bit of force, you’ll be able to take it apart and remove the coil. Job’s done, you can now recycle the plastic parts and dispose of the coil.

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Battery life and charging

Freemax Gemm Tanks

The GEMM mod charges through its micro USB port and houses a 2900 mAh battery which is not bad considering its size. The LED light will light up when you vape, and the color of the light will indicate charge levels.

  • Green: 100%-65%
  • Yellow: 65%-30%
  • Red: 30%-0%

Using the G2 coil, I got a yellow light after a full tank (4 mL) and power deteriorated slightly. Around 2/3 of a tank later the light went red and power was too low to get a satisfying vape. I’d generally plug it in at the point, but for what it’s worth, I managed to go through a tad under three full tanks before the mod stopped powering the tank altogether.

While battery life is alright, charging time leaves a lot to be desired. It took approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge the GEMM mod, which is more or less the same time I clocked the Twister’s charge time at. Freemax may have sped things up a bit, considering that the battery of the GEMM mod is 600 mAh larger, but the results are still disappointing. Plus, they advise against vaping while it is charging, so I can’t recommend it myself.

Pros / Cons

  • Two tanks included in the package
  • Excellent coils as always
  • Great flavor and vapor production
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with two tanks in the box
  • Tanks have adjustable airflow (not standard for disposables)
  • Larger battery than the Twister
  • Tanks are surprisingly well built
  • Tanks can be taken apart with pliers for recycling
  • Variety of tanks to pick from
  • Very affordable
  • Disposables are great for experimenting with sub ohm vaping and travelling
  • Tea fiber wicks help with flavor
  • Mod may get a bit warm when chain vaping
  • Lack of info on power settings (can’t recommend the mod for using with other tanks)
  • Paint may chip if the mod is dropped
  • Very slow charging
  • Waste from disposable tanks
  • A bit of coil flooding overnight


I was not impressed by that mod, and I find it to be a step back to what Freemax was doing with the Twister kit. The way the mod is setting the power levels is a mystery to me, and my hopes that this one would come with quick charging were quickly dashed. If Freemax gave this mod full wattage adjustability (or even a straightforward variable voltage output) I would be willing to look past the charging times and recommend it as a standalone purchase. But as it stands, I’d only suggest it in this kit, or paired with the 24 mm edition of the Fireluke 2. Everything else would be guessing at this point.

But as far as disposables go, the Freemax GEMM tanks are some of the best you can buy right now. If you are vaping MTL and want to see what all the fuss with sub ohm vaping is about, you can easily grab one of those and give it a go. In fact, given the price that the tanks are coming at, you can even use them as your main setup. But if you go down that road, just make sure that you take the tank apart before recycling it. It’s one extra step but it makes a difference.

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GeekVape Zeus X RTA Review

The GeekVape Zeus X RTA is the last in the release of the tanks carrying the thunder God’s name so has the popular series gone out with a bang?

The Zeus X RTA by Geekvape Is The Last Of The Trio – So Is It Best Out Of Three

This is both a single and dual coil tank with a 4.5ml max capacity for everywhere except the UK and Europe – where thanks to the TPD we get the 2ml. The good news is larger bubble glass can be bought and as you’ll see below others do fit.


I’ve reviewed all three of the Zeus RTAs – the original Zeus which many felt was a bugger to wick and could give dry hits and the Zeus Dual which I enjoyed immensely. In between those releases was the Themis RTA which was all things considered a pretty decent vape.

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Inside the Box

zeus review box

‘Popular reviewers’ received the very smart presentation box however I received the bog standard reviewer box – me bitter naw…*sniffs*…OK – the retail packaging is cardboard a move away from the usual plastic clam shells Geekvape use… inside you’ll find:

  • 1 X ZEUS X 25mm RTA
  • 1 X 810 Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 1 X 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 X Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 X Allen Key
  • 2 X Prebuilt Clapton Coils
  • 1 X Set of Cotton Wicks
  • 1 X User Manual

zeus x rta contents

GeekVape Zeus X RTA Specs

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 4.5mL Capacity
  • Elevated Postless, Four Terminals Design
  • Single or Dual Coil Configurations
  • Side-Secured via Flathead Slotted Screws
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Enhanced 3D Three Dimensional Airflow
  • Dual Top Airflow – 15mm by 2.5mm
  • Top-Fill Method
  • 810 Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 810 ULTEM Widebore Drip Tip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Available in: Blue, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Stainless Steel, Red/Black and Black.

Key Features

This is the third and final reiteration of the Zeus series of tanks and whilst GeekVape says the tank is 25mm at the base it’s slightly less than that and can be used with a single or dual coil set-up.

The rest of the world gets a 4.5ml capacity [with the bubble glass] and 3.5ml with the straight – whilst the EU and UK will get the TPD friendly 2ml versions. The one I’m reviewing is the larger one however the good news is the bubble glass can be bought separately.

Also if you have the Zeus Dual that bubble glass fits as does the one from the Kylin 2 RTA. I’ll mention the included bubble glass later…

geekvape zeus x review

This is both top to bottom and side to bottom airflow and there’s the addition of an internal airflow chamber – which has 14 ‘honeycomb’ style holes on both sides and there are two airflow ports.

zeus x rta internal airflow chamber

The post-less style deck has had a major facelift too and looks cleaner – if a little tight in there. BTW if you don’t have a Coily tool the Zeus X RTA has a Dead Rabbit RTA / RDA style gap where you can get under to snip your legs – it’s a bit tight but can be done.

In the Zeus Dual RTA [the second] those ‘airflow arms’ shrank massively and now have completely gone to be replaced by two notches that line up with that internal airflow chamber – this obviously keeps the coils perfectly placed with the air input.

It’s more a genesis style deck and the wicking channels are shared and are a wee bit wider than in the Zeus Dual which for me made for much easier wicking.

More on building and wicking the Geekvape Zeus X RTA later.

filling zeus x rta

Once again this is a top fill with a half twist bayonet style which opens up to show two smallish kidney shaped ports. A couple of juice nozzles have been a little too big to fit nicely however most I tested have been OK…

Design and Build Quality

This is definitely the best looking of the three Zeus RTA’s by a long way. It’s almost the same height as the previous versions but due to the design – and that ultra-low profile drip tip – even with the straight glass on it looks smaller and sleeker…eyes can be deceiving!

zeus x rta straight glass
straight glass

Thankfully they’ve removed that hideous printed company logo from off the top cap and the engraved Zeus from the base. We still have the Zeus logo on the barrel and on the reverse Zeus is now etched making the whole thing look much cleaner from a design point of view.

I really – I mean really like the way this one looks especially with the bubble glass attached.

Build Quality

All the moving parts – and there are a lot of them – come apart easily enough straight out of the box. A little over two weeks in and the airflow ring is still stiff and at times you can unscrew the whole tank whilst moving it and indeed unscrewing the top cap to fill..

Speaking of unscrewing and screwing – the knurling isn’t the most ‘grippy’ for want of a better word – especially at the base. To be honest I’d rather have that than over emphasized tractor tyre style from a design point of view…

zeus x components

The machining is as you might expect from GeekVape – on the better side of good though the base of the deck is a bit messy but hey you don’t see that.

Silica Bubble Glass – Cracking Under Pressure?

I’ve been using both Puris from 12 Monkey’s Origins and Raspberry Punk Grenade from Riot Squad…neither of which you could call the most citrus flavours out there.

However, as you can see from the photo of 3 fills of the Puris, the glass has cracked. I haven’t dropped it or knocked it over – it appears to be that chemical reaction some citrus juices have on many polycarbonate plastic tanks out there…I’m no chemist so does this happen with silica glass? Let me know in comments!

cracked zeus x rta tank

One thing I am sure of is it’s a bit annoying as no other RTAs in my rotation has done this with my go to e-liquids and touch wood neither has the straight glass included in the box.

I do need to point this out should you be vaping on citrus/fruit juice whilst out and about. BTW I haven’t seen any other reviewers with this issue so maybe mine had a fault? Who knows…

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How Does the GeekVape Zeus X RTA Perform?

I’ve reviewed the previous two versions and indeed the GeekVape Themis RTA which was very much in the mould of those two.

Zeus - Zeus Dual - Zeus X Compared
Zeus – Zeus Dual – Zeus X Compared

As with most ‘new editions’ of pretty much anything you expect the next gen to improve on the previous.

In this case GeekVape has definitely done that…by how much we’ll see at the end. For now let’s look at build and wicking.

Building on the Zeus X RTA

I used the included coils and cotton and the coils ohmed out at 0.17ohms.

coils n cotton

First up and I didn’t like the flathead screws – very small but luckily my screwdriver just about fit.

Rather than snipping the coil legs Dead Rabbit style from underneath – I used the Coily tool and for the first build opted for a conservative 3.5mm.

zeus x deck

After clamping them in and holding the internal air chamber next to them I felt they could do with another mm and lifted them slightly…

After a couple of builds I finally settled on 4.5mm finding this gave me a little more of a flavour pop. It’s obviously up to you how big or small you snip your coils and if I’m brutally honest that flavour pop might just have been in my mind lol.

coily tool zeus x rta

BTW I don’t have any fancy big ass coils and after popping one of my small pre-made 3mm ones I could instinctively see I was gonna get too much airflow so drowning out the flavour. Other reviews are out there using large coils in single mode…

The build experience was – for me as a fingers and thumbs type of bloke – a little fiddly but nothing too serious…though I now see why GeekVape says this is one for the RTA enthusiast…plenty of options to try…

Wicking on the Zeus X RTA

Less is more once again folks!

It’s definitely easier to wick than the original – remember that S Bend you had to make! And for me it’s definitely much easier than the Zeus Dual.

The ports are still shared but much wider and please note that’s NOT to say you need to stuff them full of cotton.

zues x rta wicking

I thinned my tails out and let them fall into the well – barely passing the edge if that makes sense. There’s really no need to have that cotton anywhere near the base put it that way. Make sure it’s at least half way down but preferably less. I think the pro’s call that the dam method…

For the record I’ve had zero dry hits and absolutely NO leaking…

Flavour and Vapour Off the GeekVape Zeus X

First vape was impressive to say the least and as those coils and cotton broke in it just got better.

The flavour off my two go to e-liquids was close to and almost as good as my juice review dripper the Augvape BTFC…and when I say almost I mean almost and that’s using the coils ‘n wick out of the box.

Airflow half closed and you get a lovely rich flavour and dense vape that really does cloud out your room – so the balance between cloud and flavour chasers is almost spot on.

zeus x rta firing

Wide open and trust me this thing is foggier than Skegness beach in February…and that’s foggy lol…

I changed the included coils for those Wotofo dual claptons I like and used FUZZ cotton to wick and again it could be my brain playing tricks but I felt the flavour was a little crisper.

zeux x rta wicks well
wicks well!

I do have to say when I first saw the Zeus X RTA I did think the low profile drip tip would be uncomfortable. I can assure you it isn’t in the slightest and I actually love it. Other 810s do fit but it’s a bugger to get off!

I reckon with a bit of fiddling with coil placement and choice of cotton you will keep on eking out that bit extra flavour…so yeah definitely one for the tinkerers – or should I say RTA enthusiasts out there 😉


  • Dual or single build
  • Great design
  • Clever airflow system
  • Great flavour
  • Great clouds
  • Relatively easy build
  • Dead easy to wick
  • Plenty of accessories


  • A tiny bit noisy
  • Bubble glass cracking with citrus juice…maybe?
  • O ring on the base apparently loose on some tanks – mine isn’t…yet!
  • Smallish fill ports
  • Whole tank has unscrewed when opening top cap a few times

Final Review Verdict

I was hoping / looking for major improvements from the Zeus X RTA and I’ve pretty much got it.

The deck is easy enough to build on though I think it’s quite tight in there. However if wicking was easy enough in the Zeus Dual it’s a cinch in this one – just remember don’t stuff it in…as I always used to say to the ladies… ‘less is more’ 😛

Flavour wise it’s most definitely improved and by quite a bit. Put it this way this one is now my go to RTA – alongside the Blitz FP and Reload and that says it all. Vapour is awesome – simple as that.

I’m just a little annoyed at the bubble glass cracking – especially as I’ve treated it with kid gloves so I can only assume it’s down to the citrus?

Apart from that unlike others out there I’ve had no issues with that wandering O-ring on the base and apart from minor issues – OK it can be a little noisy – on the whole I’m really enjoying this one to say the least.

So yeah…the Geekvape Zeus X RTA is definitely all it’s cracked up to be – let’s hope my bubble glass was faulty 😉

Highly recommended and is definitely in my top 3 RTAs of all time…

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Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review

Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit 

Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review

Dimensions: 90 x 56 x 30mm
Weight: 177g Case
material: zinc alloy + plastic
Power supply: 2 x 18650
Output power: 1 – 228W
Voltage range: up to 8.0V Peak
current: 50A
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, BYPASS
Temperature range: 200 – 600/100 – 315 ℃
Supported resistance:0.08 – 5.0Ω / TC 0.05 – 3.5Ω
Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from incorrect polarity, from overcharging / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes
Micro USB port / charging: yes, charging current 1.85A
Color: see photo below

Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review

contents – Mechman 228W mod
– Mechman mesh tank
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs 0.2 / 0.25Ω (one preinstalled)
– replacement oringas
– spare glass
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card

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Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review
Rincoe Mechman 228W Mesh Kit Review

Why buy

  1. Price, what a whale, what a mod
  2. The number of proposed design options
  3. Original design
  4. Ergonomics (despite the size and weight)
  5. The quality of performance and materials

Why think

  1. Backlash battery compartment cover
  2. Control chipset lowers power output
  3. Incorrect operation in BYPASS mode

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SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review

MAG P3 continues the classic MAG series, adding more stunning features, such as waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It includes a robust MAG P3 mod and a remarkable 9ml TFV16 tank, preinstalled with a new TFV16 Conical Mesh 0.2Ω coil powered by nexMesh Technology. Driven by external dual 18650 batteries and a smart IQ-M Chipset, MAG P3 can fire up to the max output of 230W with 0.001s flash firing speed. It owns a super responsive 1.9″ HD touch screen to offer useful data information for easier operation.

In addition, it comes with an input keyboard that provides password protection to unlock the device. This is MAG P3,

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SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review


SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review


SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review
SMOK MAG P3 Kit Review

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